A new and innovative championship format for drivers to compete in a TOCA-style day event.

There are two categories aimed at differing levels of sim racer with the aim of creating a close and competitive 6 round championship. Each race day features between 105 and 135 minutes of racing per driver and includes full race live broadcasting from Simply Race TV

SRL (Simply Race Licences)


Each space in the championship is reserved by a SRL. This SRL guarantees a spot in each round without the need for deposits. The SRL for each series is paid for but every penny goes towards to the prize fund. An SRL also means that you will have a livery for your chosen series put into the sim as well as giving you a 30 minute practice session to be used at any time prior each round. You can get a replacement driver (must be approved by the series director). However, if you miss a race, your SRL is then forfeited and another person/team may purchase that from the organisers for the following rounds.


Clio Cup

SRL Licence = £10

£32.50 per round (Max 15 Cars)

The starting point for new drivers in the Championship. Open to all who can demonstrate a understanding of the rules and fair racecraft on track. Drivers will need to complete at least 3 sessions at Simply Race or equivalent online or offline championships and be signed off by a series director.

Each raceday = 105 mins of racing

£150 Prize Fund

Clio Cup Standings

Touring Cars

SRL Licence = £30

£37.50 per round (Max 15 Cars)


Limited to experienced sim racers only. Drivers must have competed in a high-standard championship such as SRES, SRTCC, USSC or equivalent online or offline championships with good results. Entries will need to be confirmed by the series directors.

Each raceday = 135 mins of racing

£450 Prize Fund

SRTCC Standings