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The 5 Best Racing Circuits for New Sim Racers

If you're new to sim racing, then it can be tough to know where to start. There are so many amazing circuits out there, each with their own unique challenges and characteristics.

At Simply Race in Milton Keynes, we host groups with all types of experience so have tried to compile our thoughts after almost 8 years of running sim racing events in person at our 15 simulator venue.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the 5 best racing circuits for new sim racers. These tracks are perfect for those who are just starting out, and will help you improve your skills behind the wheel!

5) Red Bull Ring

Source: Wikipedia

This Austrian track is one of the most popular circuits in the world, and is perfect for new sim racers. The Red Bull Ring provides an exciting blend of long straights, tight chicanes and a tricky hairpin that will put your reactions to the test.

This circuit is the shortest on the F1 2023 calendar and with just 10 official corners (only 2 of them turn left!), it's pretty straight forward to learn. Just make sure you watch out for the big braking zones at Turn 1 and Turn 3!

4) Lime Rock Park

Source: Wikipedia

Tucked away in the hills of Connecticut, Lime Rock Park is an iconic circuit in American motorsport. It's not as technical as some other tracks out there, but it can still provide a great learning experience for beginners. It’s a fast track with several elevation changes and only 7 turns to master on the "no-chicanes" layout we prefer, with just one left-hander. which will help you focus on getting your lines right.

It can be tricky starting off here as at Simply Race, you start off in the car paddock, but the Race Director will help you find your way to the race track.

Bravery is certainly needed for the final corner to hit your very the best lap time.

3) Dijon-Prenois

Source: Wikipedia

This classic French track is one of the most iconic circuits in Europe and a favourite amongst many sim racers. It’s long straights, combined with tight chicanes, make it both technical and challenging to learn.

The 3.8km circuit was the historic home of the French Formula 1 Grand Prix and is most well known for an incredible battle between René Arnoux and Gilles Villeneuve.

The circuit here is flowing without many big braking zones, so smoothly keeping your speed is key to victory here. Just watch out for the sharp chicanes at Turns 5 and 6!

2) Brands Hatch Indy

Source: Wikipedia

Historic British tracks just hit differently and Brands Hatch is one of the world's most famous venues. Located in Kent, there are two layouts, the Grand Prix circuit with it's tricky outfield and the Indy circuit that is much shorter and presents an easier learning experience (plus closer racing).

Brands Hatch Indy is a short circuit with a lot of character. With just 4 turns, it's an easy track to learn but finding a fast lap is all about understanding where to place your car on each corner and making sure you exit perfectly.

Brake BEFORE the bridge (especially if you're new!)

If you can be brave to keep speed through Turn 1 (Paddock Hill Bend) without running wide, and brake before the bridge (in most cars) before Turn 2 (Druids), you'll be setting yourself up for a good lap time.

1) Donington Park National


Our favourite track for new groups is Donington Park National, based just up the road from us in Leicestershire. It's not too long to learn, but enough to test your skill and nerve with a wide range of corners including the famous Craner Curves towards the beginning of the lap.

The track is incredibly accessible and the layout is simple to get to grips with.

There's fun elevation changes, some slightly blind corners but it can be one of the easier circuits to remember and has a nice mix of easy to learn with hard to master.

Staying on track at speed through the fanous Craner Curves in Old Hairpin is key


Sim racing is a challenging and fun experience there’s no better way to get started than on one of these iconic circuits. Whether you’re looking for a fast track with complex corners or a circuit that will help hone your car control, these five tracks are ideal for beginners and experienced racers alike. So why not give them a go on your next visit to Simply Race.


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