More Engagement For You and Spectators

We have been busy updating the venue so there are more interactive activities to do at the venue, not just for the drivers but also the spectators. A recent arrival of the Batak Pro reaction wall is great for testing your reflexes against the clock. Race drivers use this in training a lot. It also adds a great addition to your event either before your event begins or during a break from driving. The ex-Renault F1 pit wall has been in darkness for too long, so we have re-wired and installed 5 PC's. It is more interactive, with one side made for driver development and the other for "Retro Gaming" think Formula One on a Playstation one, Mario Kart on the SNES and N64!

Now you will be thinking we will be increasing our prices or charging for this?


Find out more by contacting the venue or finding us social media.

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