HUGE Prizes in Mike Epps BTCC/ Team Hard Competition

Come and race with Mike Epps and have your shot at an opportunity to race with Team Hard Racing! Think you've got what it takes? Held at Simply Race in Milton Keynes, up to 60 spaces are available to battle it out in Toyota Avensis touring cars at a handful of current BTCC circuits! There's a whole bunch of prizes including entry to the Team Hard Scholarship, where you would have the chance to win a fully funded 2017 season of racing in the VW Racing Cup! The racing takes place at Simply Race in Milton Keynes on Sunday 24th July from 4pm. You'll have a practice session and 2 qualifying races. The top drivers from qualifying go into a knockout semi-final and the top drivers from the semi-finals make the grand finals. Entries are accepted online prior to the event only so please get your spot by clicking the link below or on this post! The whole event will be broadcast live online via Youtube stream, so don't forget to post and share when you're here! To find out more, please get in touch via Simply Race or Mike Epps BTCC page. Please click on the link below to book through Mike Epps' website -!product-page/mgm2c/932a264b-0df6-f9bf-65c3-7fa4dc39267d

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