15 Linked Simulators (3 more!)

We're delighted to announce that Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire's biggest indoor motorsport facilities is now even bigger and even better! We have installed an additional three simulators, all still running our excellent software and fantastic Thrustmaster steering base and pedals combination.

With 15 simulators, it brings even more realism to the racing here at Simply Race. With a larger grid size, the track will busier and you'll be able experience more side-by-side action at over 150mph!

We can also confirm that very shortly, we will also be upgrading to the newer and very stylish leather wheels. These are lighter, allowing them to more accurately transfer the subtle force-feedback nuances (as well as looking absolutely fantastic!)

If you haven't visited us in a while, or if you want to see all of our fantastic changes then please give us a call on 01908 713483 to book in your next event.

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