Building a Motorsport Simulator Venue: Part One

I left my old position as the General Manager of a well-known outdoor karting circuit in Milton Keynes over a year ago to pursue a dream of owning my own business. So whilst I have plenty of experience in venue management, staring up a venue from scratch was an unknown quantity.

Starting a business can often feel like a juggling act as you liaise with agents, suppliers, landlords etc. You also need to consider neighbouring businesses, which are able to raise concerns regarding applications and thus preventing the venue from achieving its potential. We’ve had a few setbacks along the road, it almost didn’t happen! Most notably, our planning permission was almost denied until a last minute intervention from us, with some additional help from local councilors. Every time that something hinders your progress it can hit morale, but it’s more important to hit back harder.

One of the most common issues was communicating the idea behind our venue. Some people believed that it would be like the old SEGA Rally machines you got in your arcade. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Simply Race features top-of-the-range equipment. In fact, we've just taken delivery of some special tactile feedback equipment to boost your experience. We are incredibly driven (excuse the pun) in making sure that Simply Race becomes one of the best attractions in Milton Keynes.

Check out the below image for an idea of the blank canvas that we started with.

The great news is that we are almost there! 3,159 square foot has been transformed into motorsport nirvana. All ten simulators are assembled and awaiting testing, much of the furniture is in place and taking stock of catering/bar provisions are underway.

Unfortunately I can't confirm the exact opening date until all of our testing is complete. However, stick with us and you could soon be experiencing a venue like no other.

Ben Turner

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