Top Tips for Driving Quick

Whether you’re coming to Simply Race for fun or to compete, a few simple tips can dramatically improve your laptime. If you follow this short guide, you’ll be well on the way to being at the top of our leaderboard.

Drive it like a real car!

This one sounds really simple but it’s so important. Racing simulators are meant to accurately recreate the handling and physics of a ‘real’ car. Many video games have artificial levels of grip and traction control to make you feel like you’re driving on rails. However, with a proper simulator the car will behave properly. You’ll get oversteer, understeer, turbo lag… the whole lot. Start off slowly and learn both the track and car.

Be smooth

Cars really hate to be caught unawares. Driving the car in a predictable and settled fashion will help you keep it on the black stuff. This applies to all of the inputs available to you… steering, throttle and brakes.

  • Try to brake in a straight line, as this will help to keep the car settled

  • Ease the car into the corner, no sawing at the wheel

  • Be careful coming back onto the power, with many of the high-performance cars you’ll be driving (such as Formula 1 cars) there’ll be loads of power which will spin you out if you apply it too quickly

Take the racing line

Simply put, the racing line involves making the corner as straight as possible. By taking the straightest line, you scrub off less speed and can take the corner at a higher speed whilst also setting your car up to obtain a higher speed down the next straight.

  • Set your car up on the outside of the preceding corner

  • If necessary, brake in a straight line

  • Ease the car to the middle (apex) of the corner

  • Get slowly back on to the power

  • Ease the car over to the far side and progressively increase power

The above instructions work well for single corners with straights either side. Once there is a sequence of corners it does become a bit more complicated! We’ll be adding more detail to this scenario in a later blog.

Hopefully you found this introduction to driving quickly helpful. Not only will this help your performance on our fantastic simulators, but also with your everyday driving and any go-karting you might be involved with.

The best way to get quick is to get some practice in and get racing! So why not book yourself in for a practice session today?

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