Why Am I Back?

Well you can’t keep a petrol head away from cars; I have always been car crazy since I can remember. However working in my previous job at Daytona Motorsport since the age of 18 I always had the “buzz” furthermore it ended up be the perfect job for such a person.

We all know how fun Karting can be, moreover being in that particular job came with lots of perks as you can imagine. The greatest moment was setting off a 24 hour kart race at Daytona Milton Keynes with the Mercedes SLS pace car.

I left the industry to start a family and try my hand at another industry Food Retail joining the largest growing Supermarket in the UK. The Fast Consumer Moving Goods (FCMG) industry is very different, people are not really there to enjoy themselves, I don’t know many people that enjoys going food shopping unless for a party!

Since you can’t race trolleys round a supermarket without too many people looking at you like you have gone a little bit mad, I noticed that Ben Turner another veteran of Daytona Motorsport had posted a comment on Facebook in regards to starting a new Business back in 2013. That phone call has just changed both the lives of our families.

Driving Simulators are not new to anyone, however there are not many people that can access them as they are mainly used to learn new racing circuits like they do in Formula 1. We wanted to bring a piece of equipment that all racing drivers use when they can’t get out onto the circuit.

You can race any car any track that you could possibly think of, but not just that know that what you are driving actually feels and reacts like the car you can see in front of you, immerse yourself in a race learning a track or race your friends at your leisure.

We bring you a venue that bears the fruits of our labour and experience, so you can expect 1st class planning and experience when you arrive.

So if you want to see what we have brought to Milton Keynes why not come down to the venue or book an event.

Contact: 01908 713483

Email: info@simplyrace.co.uk

- Michael Yau

Simply Race

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