Go-Karting or Racing Simulators?

Almost everyone enjoys going karting, either alone or with friends and we're no different. I used to race karts when I was younger, and later I worked for a large corporate karting circuit in Milton Keynes so I know how popular they can be. However, whilst we do enjoy the experience we feel there are quite a few advantages that simulators have over traditional commercial motorsport.


Unfortunately, with all the repair bills, fuel and marshals to run the event you can see why karting costs so much. Without all these overheads, simulator racing can be over half the cost of going karting.

Equal Equipment

Even if you were to spend a huge amount of money and time on mainaining the karts, there will always be a performance gap between the slowest and fastest karts. This can be due to several factors. Damage can vary between karts, some have been thrown around more and even if you can replace visible issues, chassis are not so easily replaced. Age and usage of the karts and their components will also often vary, resulting in yet more gaps in performance. Not only that, but a driver's weight is usually incredibly important to However, with a simulator, there can be no such differences as each car has the exact same programming code - meaning you directly responsible for how quick you are!


Most go-karting centres around the country have just one circuit availble for you to drive, along with one set of karts. With repetition, this can leave the experience getting a bit stale. With simulators, you can race a huge variety of cars and tracks, enjoying variety everytime you race. You can compete in our monthly competition (practice sessions only), get recommendations from our team, or choose from our extensive list.


By taking part in motorsport you acknowledge that there is chance you could be seriously injured, the majority of circuits will ask you to sign a declaration stating that this is not their responsibility if you get hurt. Whilst it is certainly rare for injuries to occur, it is a risk that you acknowledge taking. Whereas on a simulator, there is no risk you you breaking either the car or yourself!


For drivers that have reached an appropriate age, you can use our on-site bar facilities to purchase drinks throughout your event (within our licencing hours). Whilst not compulsory or required for an outstanding experience, some drivers prefer the options. It particularly helps with stag dos or birthday parties! We even have a taxi company situated next door if you are unable to drive home. With go-karting there are understandable rules behind drinking and driving, with safety as a primary concern.

In my opinion, there is nothing like racing a 200+MPH car on the world's most amazing tracks (think Monaco, Spa, Nurburgring, etc.). Since the majority of us are unlikely to win the euromillions and buy ourselves a spot in Formula 1 (or any other series), simulator racing can give you all of the thrills but comparatively small bills.

So what are you waiting for? Book Online for individuals and small groups or send us an equiry about an exclusive event. Perfer to speak to a person, or I wasn't convicing enough? Give me a call on 01908 713483

Ben Turner

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